About Us

I love running an escort agency. I have been doing it for years now and I really enjoy it. I have the chance to work with fantastic girls and interesting clients. It has its challenges (my hours would – and do- make special forces soldiers wilt!) but all in all, its fun.

There are only a few things that you have to get right as an escort agency. Especially in Marbella. And those are the things I focus on. And its those things that built my reputation and made my business successful.

I have to attract the right talent and make them feel safe and secure. Then I have to make sure that I bring them the right work, keep it interesting and fun and take care of their security. I also have to make sure that the girls know I will protect their reputation and personal security by only revealing the things that they specifically tell me I can.

Bringing my lovely escorts to the attention of the right clients at the right time is the second part of the equation. Everyone assumes that it is easy to sell sex. I once saw a quote on the TV series Banshee that “men will pay for tits until they are broke or dead”.  Oh if only it were that simple!

So, along with my team I focus on giving a nice, friendly experience and making everything as simple as possible. What you see is what you get. In every sense. No fake photos, no false promises, no substitutions without the client knowing and agreeing.

And lastly keep everyone safe, secure and comfortable by maintaining a very high level of discretion and privacy. About everything, At all times, Forever.

All the details for my social media are below. You can connect and chat with me via Twitter ir LinkedIn. And my blogs are where I share my views and anything that catches my eye. Often sex, relationship and business related, but its often just my random thoughts on whatever tickles or irritates me. I hope to catch up with you soon.



Marie x